Skiers and Parents,
What a great web site! Charm has done a great job! The photos are great to view!!!

As you know we are about half way through the season and have been fortunate to have good snow conditions. Practices are well attended and the skiers are working hard. We find using brushes, gates, skiing drills and exercises helpful in providing simulation to what the skiers will see while skiing and racing. To most of us it looks like sticks in the snow that the skiers ski around to see who is the fastest. It’s not always about speed.

In practice we are setting those brushes and gates to simulate turn shape, create direction change, work with rhythm changes and provide speed control, whether slow or fast. We encourage all of the skiers to participate, be attentive and willing to try new things. The drills and exercises we use during practice are a very important part of the whole process of learning and are necessary to help bring together the outcome.

Being critical of oneself or others is not helpful in moving forward. Encouragement and a positive mind will help the brain be 30% more active, more motivated and more willing to participate.

As parents and coaches we have to be careful how much we throw at the skiers for ideas and coaching queues. The mind can go into overload pretty easy. If the Lead Coach has a focus for the practice or is working with upper body drills as an example: pole swing, pole plants, counter rotation; let’s be careful to not throw in our two cents about the skier sitting back with the skier, especially mid practice. The additional focus could prevent the skier from understanding the Lead Coaches focus. Instead, approach the Lead Coach for that particular skier instead of the skier. We encourage you to share your thoughts but always be mindful that the Coach is working with more than just one skier and there may be several reasons for not working on the focus you are identifying.

There are so many components, pieces and parts, strategies and tactics but one that comes to mind is we speed up to slow down and slow down to speed up. In order for any of us to be first in a given contest we must first finish. The willingness to participate in the practice will make us better at the contest. One does not want to be hard on one self as learning isn’t always encouraging and for some not always fun.

All or some of these tools help create a better skier-A life long skier who in the future will become what most of us seek to be, an “all conditions, all terrain” skier. The dedication of each skier is different and measured in many ways. We encourage you to stay open minded, ask the coaches questions and continue to enjoy the experience of ski racing and its benefits.
Thanks for your review,
Coach Dave

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